Mike Oren

Related Fields: Service Design, Software/UI/UX Design

Familiar Industry: Software

I work to uncover consumer needs and pain points, helping the organization empathize with consumers to help design useful and usable technologies. This ranges from upfront discovery work that uncovers consumers motivations, behaviors, and emotional reactions in order to help inform strategy all the way through post-launch analytics and experience optimization through A/B & multivariate testing.

I'm also a passionate mentor for individuals both in my field and related to it, co-founding a MeetUp on rapid prototyping with a former student in 2012 and founding a MeetUp on design research for the Chicago region in 2016. I enjoy giving guest lectures at colleges in the area, helping new developers, designers, and researchers start their careers through reviewing their work and rewriting their resumes. As part of this passion, I also volunteer with organizations that teach development and design skills as well as serving on the advisory board of Citizen Schools of Illinois.

Segal Professional Bridge