Daniel Ha

Related Fields: Industrial Design, Mechanical Design

Familiar Industry: Consumer Products, Design Consultancy, Manufacturing, R&D, Aerospace


Daniel graduated from NU in 2016, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing & Design Engineering. During undergrad, he was involved in Northwestern Student Holdings (NSH) for a bit and then moved onto doing freelance Design Engineering work for chicago-based startups. He was set on joining a Design Consutlancy (i.e. IDEO) after graduation - he even considered going to design school after graduating from NU and getting a Bachelors in Industrial Design.  However, in his last year at school, he applied to a SpaceX internship on a whim and somehow got the position, never having worked in the aerospace industry before. Not knowing what he was getting into, he shipped off to Cape Canaveral, FL (Kennedy Space Center) where he was a Launch Engineering Intern for five months, activating Launch Pad 39A. He worked on both structural and fluids projects, always implementing the fundamental design principles he learned at NU. Daniel is now a Mechanical Engineer at Orbital ATK, working in the Satellite Manufacturing Facility where he leads the build and integration of space satellites. 

Segal Professional Bridge