White Space Design Challenge Information Session
4:00 PM16:00

White Space Design Challenge Information Session

Innovation increasingly is business' lifeblood, where entrepreneurial people can drive organizations to growth and profitability. This important challenge deeply probes identifying innovation whitespaces, and leading the organization towards profitable market spaces and accelerating new product development.

The White Space Design Challenge is sponsored by the Product Development Mangers Association (PDMA) and Northwestern University with participants from schools in the Midwest. The competition stems from an eight-week intensive investigation into innovative and empathetic design with the challenge of finding a gap in a product market.

Whether an organization is looking to exploit gaps in existing markets or product lines, or to radically alter the market landscape, this conference will provide tools, examples and experience necessary to identify unmet customer needs, map product strategy, and lead an organization to its next successful product launch.

The White Space Design Challenge Information Session will help students understand the requirements and benefits of participating in the challenge. 

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